Hello world!

Greetings readers, and welcome to my blog!

What you will find here:

  • Historical topics of all types that I find fascinating
  • New books I want to check out with a historical bent
  • Updates on books (historical, of course!)
  • Recipes that sound amazing, or have historical interest

What you will not find here:

  • Anything sci-fi or fantasy. Just doesn’t appeal to me, sorry
  • Anything about NASCAR or guns. Ditto
  • Wombats

The book won’t be out for several months, but it doesn’t mean I can’t get a head start in the blogosphere, right?

4 thoughts on “Hello world!

  1. pauldelancey says:

    Keep up the good work.

  2. sepiastories says:

    Thanks, Paul! Who knew this was so much fun, and so much work?

  3. Michael D.Overcash says:

    With great laughter and good cheer I read that NASCAR wasnt your cup of tea.As a native of Charlotte NC I was tormented by my father who had me by his side at the then-small Charlotte Motor Speedway where I endured headaches from the tremendous noise and sore feet from inebriated adults who stepped on my delicate young [between 5 to 10 years old] toes.I have a terrible disdain for stock car racing as a result of hands-on experience.I was the sort of oddball kid who would rather have been viewing Dolley Madisons parlor rather than watching adults behaving embarrassingly.From my front porch in nearby Concord I can hear their roar 5 miles away and remember those hot,miserabletimes of long ago.

    • sepiastories says:

      Welcome, Michael!
      Come on in. Set a spell. I find it a terrible waste of gas, although I do realize it comes from the glorious southern tradition of moonshining. Just never saw the necessity, I guess. But I do like the Steve Earle song. πŸ™‚

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