This Writing Thing…


Most of the bookworms I know can point to a time in their lives when they were handed a book and their lives changed. I’ve had so many of these experiences that it’s hard to just pinpoint one.

  • My parents reading Winnie the Pooh Meets Gopher to me every night until I could follow along before first grade
  • My cousins returning my mom’s WWII-era Nancy Drew books on war paper that they’d finally finished. I was about eight.
  • The resulting “mystery novel” I penned at about nine, with custom illustrations about “Martha Newman,” and her two friends who solved crimes.

I started so many Great American Novels, but never saw any of them through until I was laid off in mid-2009, and my husband and I made the choice to head north for more opportunities. Until I received my permanent residency from the Canadians, I had to find something to do to keep me busy, since I couldn’t legally work. What resulted was the completion of two novels. The first, Love Lies Bleeding, will be available soon from Musa Publishing (no date yet!). The second is being shopped around, even as we speak, in search of an agent.