Surrey is almost here!


I’m excited, terrified, and possessed with a spirit of adventure. I’ll be attending my first writers conference next week–the Surrey International Writers Conference in Surrey, BC. (

This will be the first time I’ll actually be able to rub shoulders with other writers, agents, editors, publishers…the whole gamut! Thanks to my loving spouse, who hated seeing me so dejected after an especially painful rejection, I was able to sign up.

And I think it’s fate that this is the first year I’m going. It’s the 20th anniversary of the conference, so our late night affair is 20s themed. How perfect is THAT?? My buds at Yelp here in Edmonton had a Prohibition party this past March, so I already have the perfect shoes, the perfect cloche hat, and even a silver flask for the occasion. I couldn’t resist the urge to pimp my genre just a little.

If anyone else is going, please introduce yourself and say hi. I’ll know two people there already, but it will be nice to know a few more! Especially if you’re into historicals. Both my friends are sci-fi folks. So I need to expand my conference circle.

See you there, aloha!