Surrey Tidbits


Yesterday, I posted my earthshaking thoughts on the conference that changed my life.

Today, I’ll give you a few more funny things I learned this weekend. While not earthshaking, they are entertaining and added to the experience:

  • Sharan Newman is fabulous to talk to about Bernard of Clairvaux. For art history geeks like me, this was fun. I’ve made a note to myself to speak to her more next year. I love her saying, “Never set a book somewhere you don’t want to visit!”
  • Sam Sykes has nice dimples, and uses a stuffed walrus for comfort when he gets nervous.
  • Andy Ross does not like oversimplification, such as pitching something like “Danielle Steel Meets Finnegan’s Wake.” Give him a little more than that.
  • JJ Lee used to be a Dungeons and Dragons geek. Without him, I would not have known about two-handed swords not being able to take out gelatinous cubes.
  • Victoria Marini likes Iggy Pop. This was cool, because so do I, and so should you.
  • Diana Gabaldon has a thing for dachshunds.
  • You can always recognize KC Dyer by her day’s wacky tights choices– multicolor and stripey Wicked Witch of the East were especially popular.
  • C.C. Humphreys makes a great morlock.
  • Susanna Kearsley wants to ensure that we never call ourselves “aspiring” writers ever again. We’re writers. Period.
  • Michael Slade likes the word outre’.
  • Don Maas is very passionate about whatever he speaks on, even going to the grocery store and getting annoyed at people like me. Next year, I need to buy that man a drink.
  • Jack Whyte’s voice really IS as great as they say it is. Imagine the booming bass of a Blaupunkt in that old GTO driving by. Now imagine it’s a Scottish accent. And giggle a little, because he’s quite handy with the ladies.
  • Nephele Tempest doesn’t like body parts described as foods. This automatically rules out one of my favorite lines that I’ve written. So I won’t be querying Nephele.

Let me reiterate here. This past weekend changed my life. If you are a writer, and you have not been to the Surrey International Writers Conference, you must find a way to go. Beg, borrow, or steal, as they say. But do it.


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  1. Carol
    October 25, 2012 at 5:36 am

    I’m glad to hear you had such a great experience at SiWC 2012! Will keep fingers crossed that your manuscript gets the nod, too.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog today. It’s always nice making new connections with others who understand the writing life. 🙂