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Laini grew up in the hippie mecca of Austin, Texas during the 1970s. It was a wonderful time to be a kid, and her family was solidly middle-class. Her dad was a computer programmer, and her mom was a bookkeeper. Her brother was twelve years older, so as an almost only child, she became a bookworm early on. Her dad read Winnie the Pooh Meets Gopher to her every night until she could follow along on her own, so she could read before she reached first grade.

Her mother had a collection of old 1940s Nancy Drews  that she had lent to some cousins, and they were returned when Laini was about eight. From then on, it was all-Nancy-all-the-time until she plowed her way through all the books. She wanted to BE Nancy Drew. Until she realized that there might not be any escape from deadly tarantulas, scary cisterns, and bad guys with guns. This inspired her first book, a Nancy Drew rip-off with hand-drawn illustrations, completed a year later.

She put the writing aside while real life got in the way for a while, obtaining a BA in art history from the University of North Texas, and became a technical writer for her day job. Laini thinks Pop-Tarts are the world’s most perfect food.


Laini grew up in Austin, Texas, and originally wanted to be Nancy Drew. When she realized this meant fighting actual bad guys, her wimpy side took over, and she decided to write mysteries and historical biographies instead. She lives in Alberta, Canada with her husband and their two cats, Lily and Lola. She thinks Pop-Tarts are the world’s most perfect food.

Fast Facts

  • She lives in central Alberta with her husband of nineteen years.
  • She’s been addicted to coffee since she was about eight.
  • She has a BA in art history.
  • She dislikes melon of any kind.
  • Her most embarrassing moment was playing Pontius Pilate in the school play, Jesus Christ Superstar, in 8th grade. Making her dramatic exit, she tripped on her Roman sandal and fell flat on her face.
  • She didn’t begin writing seriously until she was led back to it by beginning a genealogy of her father’s family (Smiths. She likes a challenge).
  • She was reading before she hit first grade, and usually finishes a book a week when she has time (i.e. when she’s not editing or publicizing a  book of her own!).
  • She loves anything creative– gardening, cooking, drawing, painting, home renovation, or re-doing furniture. She jokes that if you stand still long enough, she’ll paint you!

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