Historical Fiction Virtual Blog Tour – October 23 – November 10

Hi all-

Sorry to be so silent for months. Real life had to intrude on the writing for a while.

I got a new daytime job back in June, and all my energy has been spent settling in, learning the work, and WRITING (really, writing!) for the first time in months. I’ve been churning out pages like there’s no tomorrow. I’ve discovered I’m one of those really weird writers who functions better with a day job. It keeps my brain engaged and working during the day so I can be hitting on all six in my off time. When I was unemployed (for six months), I went through a really hard time. No money, no creative juices, no energy, no nothing. So I officially hate unemployment. I’m just putting that out there.

I’ve finally been able to start promoting The It Girl and Me using other routes, now that I have a little disposable income again. I’ll be doing a Historical Fiction Virtual Blog Tour from October 23 to November 10. I’ll be giving away multiple copies (hard and ecopies) in Canada and the US, so come check out the blogs. If you sign up, you might win a free copy!


Pricing change, and my apologies….

Hi all-

Will be posting California updates soon. But in the meantime, I need to let everyone know that I’ve had to hike the prices on my soft-cover books a few dollars in all currencies.

Unfortunately, it was necessary, since I was clearing a negative profit through Ingram distributors. Because bookstores have to offer those books at a substantial discount, I was making negative dollar profit, and Ingram does not allow that. If you had planned on buying a book, but now believe that the price is too high, I’m sorry about the increase. But I understand. Please consider purchasing the ebook instead. There are also used books available through various sources.

It was a hard decision to make, but I hope you’ll continue to enjoy my books in the future.

Thanks for your understanding…



VUE Weekly interview….

Sorry, I’m a bit late posting the link to my interview, but I’ve been a bit of a wreck trying to verify the content for my German version of The Forgotten Flapper (der vergessene Flapper) and get it done before I leave for Los Angeles at the end of next week!

Plus, there’s all that trip prep– organizing research notes, packing, and making sure I have everything collected that needs to go with!

Enjoy… Hoping to see some of you at either Gatsby Books in Long Beach (on the 21st) or Book Soup (on the 22nd).



I’ve listed a Goodreads giveaway (US and Canada)

If you’re looking to win a copy, it’ll activate on Friday March 31. Here’s the link:

Goodreads Book Giveaway

The It Girl and Me by Laini Giles

The It Girl and Me

by Laini Giles

Giveaway ends April 25, 2017.

See the giveaway details
at Goodreads.

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It’s release day!

If the enthusiasm has been too much for you, then you’ll be happy to know the day has arrived! Local folks, I’ll be dropping off copies at Audreys mid-morning, then I’ll be having an interview for VUE Weekly, our local indie paper. I’ll be home later to answer questions, FB, and tweet with everyone.

Hope you’re all having a lovely weekend, and that you e-readers settle down with Clara and Daisy for a little while during that time.

See you soon!



I’m nearly famous…

I just listened to my new finished podcast with Dean Karayanis at The History Author Show, and it came out great. Dean has one of those mellifluous voices that’s perfect for radio/podcasting and always makes you feel so at ease. Plus, he’s a fantastic cheerleader!

He’ll be posting it to his page not too long after The It Girl and Me is released. Stay tuned…

The It Girl and Me is now up for pre-order!

If you’ve been saying “Laini, come on. I’ve been patient. I need some more of that sweet, sweet Hollywood content to savor. You know, like the Grenadine of Beef at Musso & Frank!” then your time may have come at last.

My new book is available for pre-order (also here). Yay!

See? Clara’s excited…

In case you didn’t know, pre-ordering creates a big wave of sales that go live on the official release date, which I’ve set for the book. This increases the book’s ranking on its release day, which helps its visibility, and also its sales.

The hard copy release date is March 25, but I’ll have to pull the trigger a little early to be able to order my own copies for my appearance here in Edmonton on April 2 (mail delays and such).

So for everyone who’s been waiting, it won’t be much longer!

Ta-ta for now…



Lost in Translation…

I owe a great deal to my wonderful friend Martin Turnbull, who has been a mentor to me in so many ways, but his latest coup was introducing me to Babelcube, where I’m in the process of having books turned into international magic.

This past weekend, I spent innumerable hours teaching myself some of the ins and outs of InDesign, to make the German version of The Forgotten Flapper just as beautiful as its English counterpart. Already 16 chapters in, and I’m so excited about its success! My translator is doing an amazing job.

I’m hoping for French, Spanish, Italian, and a few more languages as well, but German and I just happened to get it together first. There is also a Portugese translation of Love Lies Bleeding happening as well.

I also did plenty of other make-ready for The It Girl and Me, as release date is only a little over TWO MONTHS AWAY! I’m pretty excited about my 3rd release. It’s hard to believe that only 7 years ago, writing was just a lark to help me cope with being a fish out of water, unable to work in Canada. Now, it’s fast become the most important thing in my life.

Here’s hoping for a successful 2017!