Conquering Hollywood – May 22, 2017laini

There are just certain things in life you aspire to, and when you attain them, it’s like winning the lottery. Book Soup was like that for me.

In appealing to classic Hollywood fans, I knew that I needed to make my books available at bookstores in Hollywood and Los Angeles (check- and I’ve also contacted The Last Bookstore. Still don’t know if they’ve decided to carry them or not), but now I needed to find out if I could score an event there too.

When I contacted Book Soup and let them know I’d released book #2 in my Forgotten Actress series, they were amenable, and I did a little happy dance in my living room. So we set the date– Monday May 22. This date will rank with other important ones– like the day I got married, as one of the more important ones in my life. The day I conquered Hollywood!

The day started with lunch at the Polo Lounge with Lauren Semar, who in addition to being a superfan, was so cool online, I knew we had to meet. If you haven’t seen Lauren’s “Hollywood Party” youtube videos, check them out! (The It Girl and Me/The Forgotten Flapper) We gabbed like we were old friends. It turned out to be a THREE AND A HALF HOUR lunch! Lauren’s friend Roger joined us for dessert.

I went ahead on to Book Soup to prepare (they even save you your own parking spot in back. In LA, this is like gold!). I met Xavier, who was my event coordinator, and we chatted about my introduction, where we would set up snacks, the signing in the back, etc.

Here is me reading, and doing the voices. Thanks, Philip Mershon!

And here’s one back by the signing counter and my banner (thanks, Karie Bible!)

I think just about every friend I had in LA showed up, with assorted partners and other pals, and I met some other new friends too. The energy in the room was magical. With so many old Hollywood fans, there was never a lull. People were even casually chatting about the book before we got to the questions at the end. I felt such a warm welcome! I signed books for everyone, left some autographed copies for the store, and then a group of us went next door to Estrella and shut the place down!

Thank you to everyone who showed me such a wonderful time!