Writing partnerslaini

Every writer should have a pal to warm their lap and/or their feet, especially during our cold Alberta winters. I’ve had several buddies who’ve helped me plan plots, act as paperweights, and provide inspiration for my pet guest stars in my books (I always try to have at least one for comic relief).

Currently, my partners consist of Lily and Lola, who were already a pair when we got them. We “fostered” them together so they wouldn’t end up at the pound, but they ended up staying.

Lily (a little bit nuts, but a hell of a cuddler). She can’t understand why I can’t have TWO laptops. She’s so small and light, I call her Liliput.


Lola (Lily’s big sister). She’s built like a sumo wrestler or a bouncer at a club, so we’ve nicknamed her “The Gooch.”

We’ve recently lost two of our buddies, who were around for a while, and took a couple pieces of my heart with them.

Fargo, the Great Pyrenees (who needs kids? He was my baby for over ten years). Most popular guy in any neighborhood we lived in.


Molly, the Maine Coon Cat (funniest cat I’ve ever had, and best paperweight, as shown here)