Sell Sheet- The It Girl and Me

Sell sheet – The It Girl and Me

Release date: March 25, 2017

Sales price: $17.99 American, $22.99 Canadian

ISBN: 978-0-9947349-4-5 (Ingram)

Formats: Trade size paperback, Kindle, Mobi, epub

Dimensions: 6” x 9” trade size

Page count: 438


Brief summary:
Daisy DeVoe has left her abusive husband, her father has been pinched for bootlegging, and she’s embarrassed by her rural Kentucky roots. But on the plus side, she’s climbing the ladder in the salon of Paramount Pictures, styling hair for actress Clara Bow and they’ve become good friends.

Clara Bow is a handful. The “It” Girl of the Jazz Age personifies the new woman of the 1920s onscreen, smoking, drinking bootleg hooch, and bursting with sex appeal. But her conduct off the set is even more scandalous. Hoping to impose a little order on Clara’s chaotic life, Paramount Studio persuades Daisy to sign on as Clara’s personal secretary.

Thanks to Daisy, Clara and her bank account are soon flush with cash. And thanks to Clara, Daisy can finally shake off her embarrassing past and achieve respectability for herself and her family.

The trouble begins when Clara’s newest fiancé, cowboy star Rex Bell, wants to take over, and he and Daisy battle for control. Torn between her loyalty to Clara and her love for her family, Daisy has to make a difficult choice when Clara and Rex have her arrested for grand theft.

Here, Daisy sets the record straight, from her poor Kentucky roots to her failed marriage; from a father in San Quentin to her rollercoaster time with Clara, leaving out none of the juicy details.