All About Laini Giles

A native of Austin, Texas, Laini Giles grew up the daughter of bookworms, and became a Nancy Drew devotee early on. When she realized there might be no escape from hairy tarantulas and bad guys with guns, she decided to write about them instead, finishing her first mystery novel with custom illustrations when she was eight.

A graduate of the University of North Texas, she put the writing on hold for a while when real life got in the way (i.e.—she met and married her Canadian husband and headed north for maple-flavored goodies and real beer). She highly recommends moving to another country and not being able to work for a year for finishing any novels you may have laying around.

Laini and her husband live in Edmonton, Alberta with their cat, Lily.

Comments on The Forgotten Flapper:

“Here’s the sign of a good writer: even though I knew when I downloaded the book it wasn’t a traditional bio, I was swept away by Giles’ storytelling and forgot that it was told from the viewpoint of Olive’s ghost. Loved it and kudos to Giles for her creative approach to Olive’s life much of which was based on fact.”

“I was so caught up with this story that I thought I knew her. Haunted me for days.”

“On a scale of 1-10 I would give this book a 15.”

Comments on The It Girl and Me:

“Laini Giles knows how to tell a story. Her characterization of Clara Bow is spot on, delightful and at times, laugh-out-loud funny. Giles brings a sense of humanity to her characters who are complex and have flaws.”

“Ms. Giles’ research is so well done, in fact, she could have been the veritable fly on the wall. ”

“The It Girl and Me is a book you just must read if you like me love the 1920s. It’s a fabulous book that gives a glimpse into Tinseltown.”

Comments on Bathing Beauty:

“Two things you can count on from a Laini Giles books are meticulous research and a flawless feel for time and place.”

“An in-depth, well researched, well written and an intriguing read of the tragic life of Marie Prevost. This third book is just as excellent as the first two.”

“Even though the book is fiction, I feel like I’m living there.”

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