My Audreys Books event for The It Girl and Me, Edmonton – April 2, 2017

In April 2017, I had an Audreys Books event, promoting The It Girl and Me. The awesome folks there were most hospitable again. We had snacks and cake, and I did some readings. My wonderful husband Al, although fighting a cold, was my fabulous pack mule and photographer. He helped with action shots, and friends and I did some posing.


alt=Laini Giles at Audreys Books event

Promoting The It Girl and Me

Here I am at the signing table. (Thanks, Tracey Stewart!)

Here I am during a calm moment in the reading…

alt=Laini Giles Audreys Books event for The It Girl and Me

Doing the voices is half the fun!

Because I have southern characters, Brooklyn characters, a German-Jewish director, and various other personages populating my books, I try hard to get the voices just right. When I was young, I was a pretty good mimic, so I’m finally getting a chance to put those skills to good use!

alt=Laini Giles reading The It Girl and Me at Audreys Books event

More reading, but hoping no one can hear my knees knocking. Once I get going I’m fine! 

alt=Laini Giles at Audreys Books event

Once again, we ordered an unrolling banner from I love these. They’re easy to assemble, and they’re even portable. You can collapse them, and they even have a carrying case.

alt=Laini Giles reading at Audreys Books

alt=Laini Giles reading in character

I’m obviously getting into it with the voices here, and enjoying myself!


alt=Laini Giles event cake

Sobey’s photo cake (for the record, their vanilla chocolate marble with chocolate between the layers and vanilla buttercream frosting is, as the kids say, “da bomb.”). If you’re going to have an Audreys Books event, this cake is perfect for the occasion.


alt=Laini Giles posing with friends

My friend, former coworker, and superfan Lucio and his wife Deydree. They’ve bought every single book of mine! Thanks, guys!

alt=Laini Giles and friend

My friend, former coworker, and superfan Peter Kozak. He also shows up in the Cinecon pix from Los Angeles in 2015. Is this guy a fan or what?

alt=Laini Giles and friend

Superfan Cheryl Soenen-Peters has read all of the books, and even got her book club to read the first two! Thanks, Cheryl!