GDPR Compliance

To ensure that I am not doing anything nefarious with your information, I’m posting this GDPR link for everyone.

  • Your data is being collected by me, Laini Giles, only if you sign up for my mailing list.
  • The only data I’m collecting is your name and email address.
  • The only legal basis for collecting the information is if you willingly share it with me. No big.
  • The data will not be shared with any third parties.
  • The data will only be kept as long as you stay on my mailing list. That’s it. If you click that you’re done, it’s gone.
  • The data will only be stored that long as well.
  • You have the right to bug me if you continue getting mail if for some reason, WordPress sends you an email and you have removed yourself from my list. I’ll take you off the list myself and remove you.
  • To raise a complaint about me having your data, just email me. –>