Historical Fiction Virtual Blog Tour – Date change Nov 1-29

Hi all-

Sorry to be so silent for months. Real life had to intrude on the writing for a while.

I got a new daytime job back in June, and all my energy has been spent settling in, learning the work, and WRITING (really, writing!) for the first time in months. I’ve been churning out pages like there’s no tomorrow. I’ve discovered I’m one of those really weird writers who functions better with a day job. It keeps my brain engaged and working during the day so I can be hitting on all six in my off time. When I was unemployed (for six months), I went through a really hard time. No money, no creative juices, no energy, no nothing. So I officially hate unemployment. I’m just putting that out there.

I’ve finally been able to start promoting The It Girl and Me using other routes, now that I have a little disposable income again. I’ll be doing a Historical Fiction Virtual Blog Tour from November 1 to November 29. I’ll be giving away multiple copies (hard and ecopies) in Canada and the US, so come check out the blogs. If you sign up, you might win a free copy!


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