Life gets in the way, sometimes…

I know. It’s been a couple months since I’ve posted, but I TOTALLY had a good excuse.

After a summer full of house hunting, my husband and I finally found the place for us. Beautiful huge backyard, great deck for entertaining, big enough for all our books…

You get the picture. After several years of getting back on our feet in Canada and renting in a less-than-perfect neighborhood, we’ve finally got a piece of the pie, as the Jeffersons used to say.

A week of unpacking, followed by two months worth of home improvement (so far) have finally begun to pay off a bit. I’ve still been writing, in the mornings before work and at lunch. In fact, book #3 is now up around 304 pages of the first draft (and finally starting to flow as it should…), but the blog has definitely suffered for it.

On the bright side, I know our IKEA like the back of my hand now, I’ve painted the inside of my linen closet, and our upper floor bathroom is an ongoing experiment in “how to de-80s” the world’s most hideous bathroom.

I know, I’ve been naughty, but I’m determined to rev this sucker up!

What’s the longest break from blogging you’ve taken, and what was your lamest excuse?


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