Get into the groove…

I love it when the writing is going well. Most of us do.

For me, I love getting past the first draft drudge and moving into the fun part– once the pieces are basically in place, and I can begin to customize the language and let my writing flower, beefing up descriptions and polishing my slang.

It sounds strange, but I NEED my day job to be productive. When I’m at home, I’m terrible about finding excuses– I need to clean the house, I want to work in my garden, I have home improvement projects I need to finish… but when I’m at work, I have around an hour in the morning and an hour at noon that FORCE me to be productive. Bit by bit, the novel expands, and the detail gets polished.

I’m looking forward to visiting Los Angeles again in September, where I can do more research to tweak certain scenes.

How is everyone’s writing going? What are you working on? And are you liking what’s happening with it?

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