I’ve joined Patreon!

Hey all- I’m so excited to announce that I’ve joined Patreon!

If you’ve been wondering if there’s a way to help an author, artist, or other creative type create more or better work, Patreon is a way to become a patron of the arts. For only a few bucks a month, you can support your favorite artist, podcaster, or in my case, writer.

The Forgotten Actresses series is full of detail about old Hollywood. That means research books, a subscription to newspapers.com, and travel to places so I can explore them more fully (also, visiting courthouses for records, or film archives to watch old movies).

There are several levels of rewards (free e-books, signed hard copies for the Essanay level, and cool extras!), so visit my page to see more, if you’re interested in becoming a patron!

Take it easy for now, y’all!


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