Enter my giveaway! Win a cool Forgotten Flapper mug!

You say you’re obsessed with the bean? You’re nothing without your caffeine? (But want to express yourself as a lean, mean literary machine?)

Your dilemma is solved!

Here is a super nifty mug for carrying around your precious morning nectar. While also upping your cool quotient a hundredfold.


It’s the oh-so-happening Forgotten Flapper coffee mug!

20150716_200633 20150716_200624

What do you have to do to win this baby?

Two things:

1. Add The Forgotten Flapper to your bookshelf on goodreads.com, either the ebook or the hard copy. (Not on goodreads.com? Why not? You should sign up. Cuz it’s an amazing place.)


2. Follow me (4gottenflapper), and either tweet or retweet the following message:

Available August 1st! The Forgotten Flapper by Laini Giles, a novel about Olive Thomas, the silent film star.

3. Comment on this post, showing me links to both items above, and you’ll be entered to win.

The fine print:

*** Bonus points for those who are interested enough to share their emails with me and be put on my mailing list. You can contact me privately if you’re not comfortable sharing in a comment. (Don’t worry, I won’t spam you. I’ll only send out things that fans might want to know– news of new books, appearances, and stuff like that) ***

***Contest runs from Saturday July 25 through Saturday August 8th at 5 pm Mountain Time. Winner will be chosen at random. ***

***Eligibility: Only readers from Canada and the United States will be entered this time around. I may be able to expand my reach a bit on the next giveaway. Hang tight!  (If you don’t include your location initially, I pick your name, and then find out you’re in Shanghai [with the additional postage that requires], I reserve the right to pick another name) ***

4 thoughts on “Enter my giveaway! Win a cool Forgotten Flapper mug!”

  1. Hey Lains,
    Can’t wait to read this!!
    I did both but just woke up and can’t figure out how to get links from my apps. Anyway, very happy to spread the word.
    Wishing you Great Success!

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