Lost in Translation…

I owe a great deal to my wonderful friend Martin Turnbull, who has been a mentor to me in so many ways, but his latest coup was introducing me to Babelcube, where I’m in the process of having books turned into international magic.

This past weekend, I spent innumerable hours teaching myself some of the ins and outs of InDesign, to make the German version of The Forgotten Flapper just as beautiful as its English counterpart. Already 16 chapters in, and I’m so excited about its success! My translator is doing an amazing job.

I’m hoping for French, Spanish, Italian, and a few more languages as well, but German and I just happened to get it together first. There is also a Portugese translation of Love Lies Bleeding happening as well.

I also did plenty of other make-ready for The It Girl and Me, as release date is only a little over TWO MONTHS AWAY! I’m pretty excited about my 3rd release. It’s hard to believe that only 7 years ago, writing was just a lark to help me cope with being a fish out of water, unable to work in Canada. Now, it’s fast become the most important thing in my life.

Here’s hoping for a successful 2017!

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