The It Girl and Me is now up for pre-order!

If you’ve been saying “Laini, come on. I’ve been patient. I need some more of that sweet, sweet Hollywood content to savor. You know, like the Grenadine of Beef at Musso & Frank!” then your time may have come at last.

My new book is available for pre-order (also here). Yay!

See? Clara’s excited…

In case you didn’t know, pre-ordering creates a big wave of sales that go live on the official release date, which I’ve set for the book. This increases the book’s ranking on its release day, which helps its visibility, and also its sales.

The hard copy release date is March 25, but I’ll have to pull the trigger a little early to be able to order my own copies for my appearance here in Edmonton on April 2 (mail delays and such).

So for everyone who’s been waiting, it won’t be much longer!

Ta-ta for now…



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