Boardwalk Empire, how I love thee…

Boardwalk Empire, how I love thee. It is perfection. There, I said it. I used to like Steve Buscemi. Yeah, I’ve seen Fargo, The Big Lebowski, and any number of his other films. I even remember a short film called “Tonight” he did for MTV years ago where he walked around and around a girl he was trying to seduce, ending it with a silly neck move and the Michael Jackson quote “Sha-mo! Sha-mo! Who’s bad?!”

But when I found out that HBO was coming out with a 1920s based TV series a few years ago, I about wet myself. And when I saw the first episode, I knew that a TV producer was finally on the same plane as me. The dialogue, the set design, the costumes, everything. The detail is so spot-on, I hang on the edge of my seat for each new episode.

It’s amazing how productive I can be when brainstorming in front of the TV, taking note of the model of a car, the glimpse of a particular billboard for a well-placed product, the lace apron effect on a woman’s dress, or a man’s spats can give me a glimmer of an idea. All it takes is a little flash, and I can add a small detail I hadn’t considered.

The music keeps my toes tapping, and the violence keeps me watching. I mean, what’s synonymous with the 20s? Gangsters, of course.

Thank you, HBO, for getting me! Image

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